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My classes are based in West Sussex, the beautiful South of England. Find out more about the different styles of Yoga and check out my current classroom & online teaching schedule below.


Vinyasa (FLOW) based Yoga practice. Vinyasa meaning breath synchronised movement – has both mental and physical benefits. It focuses on smooth transitions between the movements and breaths.


This class focused on linking movement with breath as well as teaches you about the anatomy & alignment of Yoga postures. You will be learning how to move &  progress fluidly from simple to more complex asanas (postures).

Yin & Meditation

Yin & Restorative Yoga classes are very breath focused. You are holding postures for an extended amount of time to get into the deeper layers of the body (our fascia, or also called muscles tissues). It allows you to deeply relax & restore.

9:30- 10:45AM
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