Keep your employees happy & healthy! Make a difference at your Workplace.

Good stress management in the workplace is critical to your employees overall health.

Time to Breathe

The known scientific benefits of breathing are undeniably powerful. Let’s teach your staff how to incorporate breathing exercises into their working day.

Time to Move

Yoga at the desk, Chair Yoga, Standing Stretching or a guided Mindful walk. Taking breaks refreshes the mind, replenishes mental resources, and helps to focus more.

Time to Relax

Incorporating Meditation & Relaxation into your employee’s work day will help to decrease stress levels, allowing employees to work more efficiently and to feel less overwhelmed across the board.

What are the Key Benefits to offering Yoga & Mindfulness to your employees.

Decrease stress levels
Decrease fatigue
Reduce stress and fatigue
Help prevent back pain, headaches
and shoulder & neck discomfort

Increase energy levels
Increase Productivity
Boost physical and mental wellbeing
Improves overall postural alignment

Yoga with Anja offers face to face as well as pre-recorded and virtual Wellbeing sessions, tailored to your employees and company’s needs.

Start today and bring Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation into your workplace!

As part of the Trust’s Health and Wellbeing initiatives we employed Anja to record tailored Yoga classes for our staff. The classes are available on our intranet to ensure flexibility for our shift workers. We are very grateful for this corporation and received great feedback from our employees.

NHS, Western Sussex Hospitals

Since Covid-19 lockdown our company and employees started to work from home. It was recognised early on that the team needed support with dealing with the situation, and Anjas program helped all of us. Moral was lifted instantly with a fun way to interact with colleagues and the techniques we learnt has helped many of us to deal with the stress now felt from working at home.

James, London

Let’s make a difference together.