Hello there, welcome to my website and welcome to Yoga with Anja.

My name is Anja and I’m the founder of this South England based Yoga & Wellbeing business. My big passion was brought to life in Spring 2017, when moving from Switzerland to England and leaving the corporate life as a Project Manager behind. 

Although my life turned into more than a full-time job, it is incredibly rewarding working with my clients and through Yoga being able to connect with people all around the world. 

It has started as a West Sussex based Yoga Business and over the past years I’ve qualified in Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy, a bodywork technique called BeActivated, started teaching Mindfulness and Meditation and soon to become a Kids Yoga Teacher. 

I’m super fascinated by how true it is that “Your Body speaks your Mind”. I believe that if you start to understand your body and mind better, get to know what works and doesn’t, you can find routines and ways that lead to healing and a well balanced day to day life. 

This is where Yoga with Anja offers a vast variety of Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness classes to individuals and corporate bodies. I teach locally for groups and private 1:1 sessions, and these days a range of live zoom classes, workshops and online retreats. 

I look really forward to see you on the mat.